Student Bios

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Diana Frailick is currently in her third year of the Human Nutrition program at the University of Manitoba, with plans to continue studying physiotherapy for my Master’s degree. She was born and raised in rural Manitoba, where she has dedicated much of her spare time to working outdoors on their small family farm, and volunteering in several community-based fundraising clubs when she went to school there. She has always enjoyed keeping up with a very busy lifestyle, working two restaurant jobs, working at home, playing recreational basketball or rugby, practicing yoga, and being a full time student. She is very new to travelling, and she is genuinely excited to take her first steps with the CPAR Tanzania Team.


Melanie Matte is a third year Human Ecology student specializing in social development. Prior to heading back to university, Melanie spent many years moonlighting as business owner in Calgary, AB. After years of rumination however (as is customary in Cow Town), Melanie decided to leave Calgary in pursuit of greener pastures and with a mission to help people. She moved to Winnipeg in 2012 and is currently involved with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and has previously volunteered with AIDS Calgary and Fair Trade Vancouver providing outreach and support in a number of different roles. She is extremely excited to meet the CPAR team and learn more about their community partnerships and the initiatives currently underway. In the spirit of service-learning, Melanie intends to take every opportunity to learn and grow through this experience and pledges to create an environment where others can do the same. In closing, Melanie feels very grateful for the opportunity to travel to Tanzania and hopes to engage in mutually beneficial conversations about gender equality and health – important social issues that affect us all.


Jesslyn Best is currently enrolled in the bachelor of social work program at the University of Manitoba. She has experience working with youth in a therapeutic home setting. She is interested in following her passion in community development and social policy, and she is eager to participate in the Badili Mtizamo! program so she can gain a better understanding of international development. Mostly she is excited to establish connections with new friends and communities.


Linda Lam is currently completing her final semester in the genetics honours program through the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba. Although her training is in science, her interests lie in community development, more specifically on how social factors affect health and how we can overcome those barriers. This is the main reason why she is so excited to work with CPAR and the Bunda community on the Badili Mtizamo project with her fellow group mates: Melanie, Diana, and Jesslyn.


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