Intentions – MM

It’s 15:53 Winnipeg time and we’re in the air. This is flight number 2 en route to Amsterdam. My intention for today was to sit down and write my first blog posting. A task I’ve been struggling with for the last few days. I had devoted much time to updating and upgrading a tablet gifted to me for this trip. I was so pleased about having customized it just so in order to make my online tasks seamless… Well alas, in Minneapolis, I turned on the device only to find that it will not start up. The screen with the horrid moving circles (not unfamiliar to me) appeared and I knew right then all was lost.

So here I sit, thankful that I’ve brought my phone, writing furiously on a keyboard no bigger than the palm of my hand. After the initial disappointment, I can’t help but remember where I’m going and feel grateful. A broken tablet takes nothing away from this trip that I have just embarked upon.

If I’m honest, blogging does not come naturally to me. The idea of committing thoughts and ideas to paper is not new, but sailing them off into the online world is a bit terrifying. For those of you that know me, you’ll understand this. I am a fairly private person, and this feels like the equivalent of my four year old self having a huge temper tantrum in public for all to see. Though hopefully I’m a little more dignified now… (right mum?)

So let’s cover the basics. I’m excited, absolutely. Apprehensive, certainly. Scared…somehow not as much as I thought I would be.  I think I need to give a lot of credit to my trip mates for that. We don’t know eachother all that well but every time I meet them I become more and more at ease with the design of this adventure. Linda, Jesslyn and Diana all possess strengths in areas that I most definitely could use help with. I certainly already feel like I can rely on them, and that makes the daunting task of figuring out the next five weeks an adventure more than a obstacle course!

I’m eager to meet the CPAR team and get settled in so that we may start working on the lesson plans for the upcoming week. I think if I were to identify the biggest concern about the entire trip it would be about leading the classroom activities. I really like to be organized and I’m pretttttty sure that I may need to become a little more relaxed with my approach to leading activities in a classroom setting. Admittedly, I have little experience facilitating discussions and “teaching” but I’m really excited for the experience, due in part to my knowledge that I have 3 other very capable individuals in the classroom with me. I’m also very conscious that there will be quite a few cultural differences that we will need to be mindful of. I’m hoping to learn a lot in the first few days by observing and bringing awareness to all of my actions.

I will close this stream of consciousness by reaffirming something I hear almost every yoga class (love the yoga). And that is, “Set An Intention”. I intend to keep my mind open, be grateful for everyday and be a good neighbor.

Until next time.



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