Here we go! -DF

Well, I definitely can’t sleep! I can’t believe how quickly this whole month flew by… and now we are hours away from departing Winnipeg. I think it is safe to say, that this is finally sinking in.

I am so grateful for this opportunity; I never imagined being a part of an experience like this. Through the discussions we have had between our coordinators and group mates thus far, I am pleasantly surprised with how much I have already learned. The girls are wonderful, and I have felt intellectually stimulated with every encounter. I know they have so much to offer, and I am excited to have the chance to learn from them too. This is about to be my very first international learning experience, and I am so proud to have the University of Manitoba, preparation and discussions lead by our exceptional coordinators, and this group of brilliant girls to get on board with, as well as having CPAR awaiting us at the other end.

Many of our discussions have challenged us to think about the way are thinking, and not simply thinking about our actions. From a cultural context, we try to define ourselves by the things we do and see, and not always by the way we think and feel. One of the things that is my biggest goal, and yet my biggest fear at the same time, is to be able to keep this in mind throughout the duration of our visit. We are not professionals in the field that we will be exploring with the students; however my goal is to help build a comfortable and stable learning environment for everyone to grow from, without influence from my own cultural background. This is a concern of mine at the same time because as much as I wish to be a positive role model, I aspire for everyone, the students and myself included, to learn and develop with an open mind, while rooted in one’s own ideas.

I cannot wait to see where the next step of this experience takes us, see you soon!



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